Ontario Added 25,000 Jobs in April

In April, employment in Ontario increased by 25,000 jobs, including 5,800 jobs in the manufacturing sector. Since we took office, over 700,000 jobs have been added to our province’s economy.

Despite ongoing economic headwinds, Ontario is creating the conditions to attract new investments and jobs.

Last month, we welcomed a historic investment of $15 billion from Honda Motor Ltd., and its joint venture partners, to build four new manufacturing plants in Ontario. This investment, the largest auto investment in Canadian history, will strengthen our electric vehicle supply chain and create thousands of good-paying jobs across the province.

In the last four years, Ontario has attracted over $43 billion in auto and EV-related investments.

We will continue working hard to create more good-paying jobs, strengthen Ontario’s supply chains, and support long-term economic resilience across the province.

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