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News Release: Jones – Questions the Premier on Unaffordable Hydro Rates

(Queen’s Park) – Today, Sylvia Jones, MPP Dufferin-Caledon called on the Premier to take action on the high cost of hydro.

“Increasing hydro costs have become the #1 issue for the residents of Dufferin-Caledon. Families across Ontario are being forced make tough choices to either pay their hydro bills or put food on their tables. Seniors living on a fixed income now have to figure out a way to stretch every dollar in order to make hydro payments” said Jones

Jones questioned the Premier saying “People in Dufferin–Caledon are angry and they want answers. When will you finally act to make hydro affordable for my constituents?”

“In some cases, the delivery changes attached to bills outweigh actual electricity costs” said Jones

Jones, on behalf of a constituent asked the Premier “to explain how $108 in electricity is costing her $252”

“I was disappointed that the Premier did not take this opportunity to address the concerns of the residents of Dufferin-Caledon, instead having the Minister of Energy repeat tired talking points” said Jones.

“This is the same day my leader Patrick Brown questioned the government defence of the $4 million salary of the CEO of Hydro One, they continued to not take action to reduce hydro costs for Ontarians” Jones said

“I will continue to pressure the government to turn their words into actions. Please sign my petition to lower hydro rates by visiting my website or dropping into my office” Jones said.

Click here to view a video of MPP Jones’ question