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Sylvia Jones offers, News and Updates, Press Releases, and relevant Queen’s Park Bulletins listed here for her constituents. Updates are frequent. Want to be in the know? Consider entering your email address to our database to be immediately notified of new releases.

Budget Consultations

You can participate in budget consultations for the 2019 Ontario Budget here.

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Looking for input for the 2019 Provincial budget

I have been meeting with many residents, businesses and community organizations and groups who have shared their ideas and concerns regarding the upcoming provincial budget. It is customary before a government presents a budget to engage Ontarians in pre-budget consultations to help determine priorities for the provincial

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Making Life More Affordable

During the Fall Economic Statement our government created the Low-Income Individuals and Families Tax Credit (LIFT) that will provide a generous tax cut for low-income workers in Ontario. This tax credit started on January 1st, 2019. The LIFT tax credit is one of the most generous tax

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Protecting the Greenbelt while creating jobs in Ontario

Our government is committed to reducing red tape that discourages job creators from choosing to site or expand their businesses in Ontario. We need to regain our competitive advantage by making it easier for businesses to operate in Ontario. We have proposed a wide range of regulatory

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Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan

We all want to leave the planet better for our children. That is why, last week, our government released the made-in-Ontario Environment Plan to reduce pollution, support conservation, reduce climate change – without a job-killing carbon tax – and encourage people and communities to address waste and

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