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Weekly Column – Promise Made, Promise Kept

Throughout the election campaign, families, businesses and seniors often shared with me that their number one issue was the skyrocketing cost of hydro. That is why Doug Ford committed to firing the Board and the CEO of Hydro One, along with his outrageous salary. Frankly, it is not right for someone to making so much money on a service that people could not afford.

That is why I am so pleased to report that on July 11th, the CEO announced his retirement and the Board of Hydro One will resign by August 15th, to facilitate an orderly transition to an intervening period. The CEO of Hydro One, is retiring as of July 11 and will receive no severance.

This is truly a great day for Ontario ratepayers and signals a change at Hydro One. It is a change that along with other measures, will reduce the average hydro bill by another 12%.

We have taken these steps because we understand that the skyrocketing cost of hydro seen under the previous government was making families and seniors choose between heating and eating. Taking action to reduce hydro rates will help families make ends meet.

I had also heard from many businesses who were concerned that unless hydro rates were brought under control, they would be forced to let employees go, or even move their business out of the province. Tackling the problem of Hydro One’s governance is an important first step to making Ontario open for business again. During the campaign, Premier Ford made it clear that one of our government’s five priorities would be bringing good jobs to Ontario. Getting the hydro rates under control will be an essential step to making that happen.

I am proud that Premier Ford, my PC colleagues and I are delivering on our promises to the people of Ontario. If you have any questions regarding any provincial issues, or our plan for Ontario, please contact my office at, call 519-941-7751 or drop by my office  at 244 Broadway, Orangeville.

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