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News Release – Why I Voted Against the Budget, 2017

(Queen’s Park)  –  Today, Sylvia Jones MPP explained her decision to vote against the 2017 provincial budget.

“The Liberal’s 2017 budget continues to push Ontario down the wrong track. It does not address Ontario’s growing debt. Instead, it attempts to hide a $5 billion operational deficit, and sets Ontario on the course to add $70 billion of debt by 2020,” said Jones.

“The government falsely balancing the books through cash grabs, one-time revenue like the selloff of Hydro One, and unauthorized pension assets, which the independent Auditor General said the government cannot count towards their bottom line,” said Jones.

“The failure to address the debt, means that Ontario will continue to spend billions servicing the debt, crowding out the ability of the government to spend on services Ontarians need,” said Jones

“The budget also failed to address the root causes of the hydro crisis, instead kicking the can down the road for future generations to pay. The budget does not address energy contracts we do not need, the selloff of Hydro One and out-of-control executive contracts,” said Jones.

“The budget also failed to address skyrocketing housing prices in the province. The government needs to increase supply of housing, reduce red tape on housing development, address affordability for first time home buyers and stabilize the real estate market in both the short and long-term,” said Jones.

“This budget bill should have been called the ‘Greater Burden on Future Generations Act’, because these mistakes will ultimately be left on the backs of future generations,” said Jones.

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