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News Release: $17.4 Million Spent on Partisan Government Advertising

“According to the Auditor General’s 2017 report, the Wynne Liberals spent $17.4 million on partisan government advertising. The Auditor has said that the primary goal of these ads were to “foster a positive impression of the government party.” These include a $3 million infrastructure campaign which the auditor said were, “self-congratulatory and aimed at ensuring that the government gets credit for its potential future spending plans,” said Jones.

“We also learned that the government ad budget jumped by 33% in one year. Are Ontarians to take it as a coincidence that the government has substantially increased its advertising by 33%, the year before an election?” asked Jones

“The government neglects to mention that they were the ones who watered down the legislation, and they weakened the Auditor General’s oversight over government ads,” said Jones

“The AG’s report shows that there is a massive loophole in the government’s legislation.

The loophole has allowed the government to spend nearly $5 million on digital ads with zero oversight by the Auditor General,” said Jones

“That is why under the People’s Guarantee, Patrick Brown and a PC government will return the Auditor General’s oversight over government advertising. Will you commit to doing the same?” asked Jones


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