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Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan

We all want to leave the planet better for our children. That is why, last week, our government released the made-in-Ontario Environment Plan to reduce pollution, support conservation, reduce climate change – without a job-killing carbon tax – and encourage people and communities to address waste and litter.

In the made-in-Ontario environment plan, there are solutions that will balance a healthy economy with a healthy environment. We created a plan that ensures that polluters will face tougher penalties for breaking environmental laws.

We will allow companies to create environmental solutions without burdensome taxes and red tape. These environmental solutions will not hurt profits or growth, and they won’t result in job losses.

We will create a new Ontario day of action to fight litter and create partnerships with organizations and individuals who can play a part in keeping our communities clean and litter free.

Our government’s target is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% of the 2005 level by the year 2030. We will balance strong economic growth with reducing greenhouse gas emissions to meet the Paris Agreement targets, set and agreed to by the Federal government.

Our government will create an organization that will work with companies to help reduce costs and emissions. This organization will create the Ontario Carbon Trust that will provide companies with ways to invest in affordable energy efficient technologies such as renewable energy, electric vehicles, and building retrofits.

The Ontario Carbon Trust will have a marketplace where bidders can submit green energy project proposals where they can compete for funding from the Ontario Government.

This legislation will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect land and water, reduce litter, protect at-risk species in Ontario, and improve air quality.

Our government wants to ensure that Ontarians can participate in more opportunities to reduce waste and litter. This will help keep our parks and neighborhoods clean in Ontario.

If you would like to know more about this legislation, please call my office at 519-941-7751 or email


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